Bottom 10 List

  1. Accidentally kill the love of your life
  2. Your legs and body from the chest down are replaced by an upright vacuum cleaner. A handle mounted on your spine lets others push you around easily but you can't move under your own power.
  3. Your eyeballs are replaced with the same volume of salted peanuts
  4. Fall over grazing all the skin off your body. You become a walking scab, with every movement ripping it off, thus you will never heal.
  5. Have your legs ripped off and fed to you.
  6. Each of your eyes is replaced with a raw egg
  7. Drink a bum's vomit for a whole month (you can only eat dry bread)
  8. Be constantly surrounded by a swarm of mosquitoes at all times
  9. Have 100 immortal mosquitoes embedded in your face
  10. Be tortured over the course of one year, then die a painful death

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