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Would you rather?

The next Would You Rather that you get will apply to everyone on Earth (eg, choosing "you can fly" means everyone can fly)
The next Would You Rather that you get will apply only to you (eg, choosing "everyone can read minds" means only you can read minds)


If its good then if its not just me its kinda pointless. If its bad I don't want to be responsible for something bad happening to everyone on earth. As such only to you is my clear choice.


Doesn't seem so clear to me. How is it pointless to have a good thing happen to everyone on Earth? Sure, something like "you win a million dollars" would even out (or more likely would cause inadvertent bad economic consequences). But everyone being able to fly would be pretty useful and neat. And you'd be able to continue living a normal life instead of being a unique freak. The non-uniqueness is also a benefit for the minor bad WYRs - it's not such a big problem having feathers for hair if everyone else has them too.


Let's bend the laws of physics. Never could resist a dare! Now you all shall suffer!

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