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Have complete control over matter (but not time)
Be able to fast forward or rewind time


Time travel is always bad. I would rather not cause paradoxes.


Time travel would be fun, and so would the resulting paradoxes that you could just undo anyways.


I think that the implication here is that you can control all matter but you can't make that matter travel faster than light. Neither can your commands to matter travel faster than light. Furthermore, your perception of far off matter arrives as the speed of light (per normal). Otherwise you could use any of these ability to manipulate time.

In other words, you are essentially omnipotent but only at the speed of light. So you can't influence very far away things - at least not quickly.

Still pretty awesome. :P


that is assuming that theory that the speed of light is just less than faster than time(meaning it's .01 with the 0 being infinite slower) is correct. with the power of matter control we might be able to move it faster than the speed of light.

In other words, you are omnipotent and quite possible faster than the speed of light.So you can influence far away objects almost instantly.

awesome right:)

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